Friday, October 21, 2011

WoW is "That Guy" to the Blogging Community

You know the one. Maybe it's a family member, or a person in your group of friends. Nobody really wants to hang out with him, but they do begrudgingly, and when they do they feel the need to justify it. At length. I mean, sure, we used to think he was cool when he was the only one we hung out with. But now that we have other friends we've been trying to avoid him.

But we sure as hell are gonna talk about him. In fact, it's the major topic when we hang out with our other friends. Sure, we don't tell it to their face, but once he's out of earshot it's "Did you hear what he said? I can't believe he's doing that. I would never do that. I have other friends who would never do that. He just wants attention." Even people who haven't talked to or hung out with him in years have an opinion about him.

Well, Blizzard wanted our attention, good or bad. They got it.

And that's all I gotta say about Blizzcon.


  1. That is particularly insightful. Good job!

    Honestly, how can we not talk about it? Blizzard evidently employs some crazy people.

  2. I could not agree more. That's a perfect analogy.

    My friends' list has been pinging non-stop today with people I haven't seen in months who want to talk smack about That Guy. (To be honest as someone who currently finds WoW to be okay -- not great, but okay -- it's been a little frustrating to be lectured by backseat players about how much pandas will suck. :P )