Thursday, October 13, 2011

What I'm Playing: October

Let's jump right into it, shall we?

City of Heroes - I picked this up as soon as it went free to play. It's been one of my favorite MMO's for quite some time, but I haven't been able to justify spending the money on a sub lately. Mainly because I spend some time with it, and then put it down for a week or two either because I get tired of the starting zone from creating too many characters, or get tired of running door missions. Regardless, I spent five bucks in the cash shop, which I didn't not anticipate wanting to do until I picked it up again. There are some clearly overpriced things in there, but a good portion of it is fairly priced. Costume pieces, for example, come out to close to a dollar each (or 10 bucks for a costume pack of around 20-60 pieces) and are account wide unlocks. So there's that.

The Sims 3 - Borrowed some disks of the expansion packs from a friend, and though I haven't tried the Facebook version (because I actually like my Facebook friends) I can see why the transition works incredibly well. It's repetitive, gives you rewards, and rather open ended on what you can accomplish yet gives you tangible goals at the same time. I am glad, though, that I borrowed them rather than bought. I am not of the mindset that any of the expansions (expecially the "Stuff" packs) are worth the money EA charges for them. Plus this game takes up a stupid amount of hard drive space.

Civilization 3 - I spent six hours over the course of 3 days building up a economical, scientific civilization before Otto Von Bismark declared war on me, and all of his allies ganged up on me when I tried to defend myself. I have never been so angry at a historical figure in my life.

Steam sales have been lackluster for me lately, so I may go back to KOTOR 2 and have a Light side playthrough. Tried to get KOTOR 1 to work but failed miserably and just uninstalled it. Team Fortress 2 is still on the list, of course, but barely worth mentioning.

A few notes at the end here, though. I may be doing some more writing on SWTOR soon, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested. Furthermore, I just wanted to pass along Levelcapped's link to a D&D Insider article.  I agree with them in thinking this is exactly what is missing from MMO's these days. It makes for an interesting read.


  1. Unrelated, but returning your comment since I don't see an email address posted - apparently Casual Stroll to Mordor got hacked this morning and served up malware links to their RSS feed, which is included on my blogroll (same widget you use). Google's webmaster help page says that I can't do jack to get the warning removed until it shows up in their system, which can take a day or more. Glad I'm not making any money off this blogging endeavor, because right now my site is not available because of it.

  2. Civ 3 was the best of that series imo. It hold my record for non-stop hours of gaming at 26! Yes, I did stop to use the bathroom, etc ;)

  3. It's addicting! Which is why I was so angry when I got steamrolled for not focusing on my military. Historical Figures can be so demanding sometimes.