Sunday, June 5, 2011

Atari put the Death Sentence back in F2P

Remember when DDO went F2P, and everyone thought it meant the end of the game? And then it all turned out fine and now they have a stable, successful game?

Remember when Champions Online did the same thing and now they're being sold off, thanks to causing approximately 5 million dollars worth of losses to the company?

Remember when I started a blog post without a rhetorical question?

I've been curious what the selling of Cryptic Studios will do for the F2P industry. Truthfully, I've always had a biased opinion against Champions Online (being a fan of City of Heroes myself) but I've had respect for the angle they tried to go for in terms of gameplay. In terms of content, however...not so much.

And now we know that Conan: Loincloth Optional Adventures is going free to play as well and I can't help but wonder how they'll fare. Rumors are abound that Fallen Earth is going to as well. More and more Western MMO's are switching to the F2P model due to lack of revenue. But not that Cryptic has "failed" in a way, not in that their game shutting down but they were sold off, I'm curious if that will make other companies hesitant in entering the market or if we will return to the idea that going F2P is the equivalent of death row for an MMO.

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